OMNIA Capital Ltd.

An innovative investment company within alternative financing offering asset-backed lending, structured collateral and project funding for our clients


OMNIA Capital Ltd. deals with financing solutions for the increasing demand from clients for whom traditional bank financing is no longer available, as the commercial banking sector has undergone many changes in recent years due to the financial crisis.

Alternative financing has become the only option for small and medium-sized businesses at a time with plenty of liquidity in the market, but with a great need for collateral by the banks.


Since the financial crisis, borrowing from traditional banks has become increasingly difficult due to more regulation. Now, the banks require much more solid equity as well as a steady cash flow – something that can be difficult to prove for small and medium-sized companies. These companies are now in great need of capital and are requesting alternative financing options.

With the banks being unable to assist, companies will naturally look elsewhere for alternatives, and for many companies the answer will be alternative financing through lenders and boutique funds, which are willing and able to take more risk.