Asset-backed lending

OMNIA Capital Ltd. has developed a revolutionary way to convert assets into liquidity or cash flow


In today’s financial environment, we have found that many high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and family offices find themselves “asset rich”, but “liquidity poor”. Our clients have assets that have an increasing appraisal value, but which do not provide them with a cash flow. These assets can be classic cars, gemstones, artwork, collectibles, jewellery and other valuables, which banks cannot use as collateral in a traditional way.

Our clients do not have the intention to sell their assets due to their increasing value, and often these assets also have emotional value and family memories. However, it is difficult to enjoy the financial value of these assets sitting in a vault. Our clients desire access to liquidity or consistent and dependable cash flow based on their valuable assets.


OMNIA Capital Ltd. offers clients, which include high net worth individuals, family offices, asset managers, collectors, trusts and estates, customised finance solutions and structures against their assets either in a full-recourse or a non-recourse basis. 

Our goal is to provide maximum liquidity to our clients within flexible and affordable structures. 

OMNIA Capital Ltd. provides the foundation and structure to prepare your assets and projects to fulfil the demands within the current financial market.