Project funding

Our finest job is to provide the foundation for a project to approach the capital markets and secure a straight road to funding for our clients


There are many ways to fund projects. Most clients ask for pure equity or loans where, in most cases, a more sophisticated solution will lower the costs and the need for expensive equity. The banks are overflowing with liquidity, and if structured properly, the banks will lend.

We use our sophisticated products to fund these projects, and maintain our position throughout the process, adding value to our clients in many ways, which ensure their success.


OMNIA Capital Ltd. helps clients with the liquidity they need to move a project from idea to reality by partnering up with traditional banks, investment banks, hedge funds and family offices, as well as structuring and providing corporate bond issuing to secure the capital needed.

We provide project funding against bank guarantees, and we will provide proof of funds, using instruments for leverage resulting in a strong return without much needed liquidity.